Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There’s something about a normalcy bias, see, hear and speak no evil mightily on the map 04/10/2013

Is this to you like a real live Vantage Point the movie? I shared with those reading behind me in AOL boards about the dream I had, in the dream America was under massive forms of suicide bombing attacks or just attacks periods. Stores like Walmart were all ablaze, as so were there stampeding people in stores or warehouses like Sam, stampedes so mighty it felt more like an earthquake, or both.

Eventually in the dream I remember pulling a long strand of hair from the kitchen sink, the length of the hair was to act as a measuring tool, to measure the amount of blood carnage. I knew something like this was coming, but according to my ministry, the RAM, something like this, especially in these last days is always coming until Jesus Christ’s reign.

I don't know about you, but if this had been a national effort I was miles from home, if it was even possible it would've taken me days to get home on foot and how perilous right? The other morning while washing dishes I said to myself how since we can see North Korea, it's not the worse threat, actually it's the threat, the dangers especially from the heavens we can't or we won't, we refuse to see coming as most are inundated by this viral manner of normalcy bias.

This is why the angels in heaven sing blessed are those who're in the first resurrection, as the second death has no power over them. Though not only so, the last pouring out of God's wrath, that will see millions of people dead, the great tribulation it's also call has very little or no power over the saints in waiting, as we're by Christ Jesus cross found worthy to escape. This Apostle aspect the anti-Christ reign is only a few month away, so acts of terrorism like just yesterday is nothing in comparison to what’s only moments way, beware, Apb, The RAM www.repentnow2011.blogspot.com